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Are you taking new patients?
We are always happy to welcome new patients!
When should I bring my child in for their first dental appointment?
Your child can be seen for an exam within their first year. As their teeth erupt, call our office to schedule their first dental appointment. At this appointment the dentist will perform a knee to knee exam, where the dentist sits knee to knee with the parent and the child leans back so the dentist can examine their mouth. During this visit the doctor can assess oral hygiene and any concerns or problem areas. Getting the child familiar with the dental office young will help with their future visits.
Do you take out wisdom teeth?
The doctor would be happy to see you for a consultation to determine if your teeth can be extracted here. At this appointment a panoramic x-ray will need to be taken to see all of your wisdom teeth. You may need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon in the local area.
Do you do orthodontics?
Yes, both Dr. Gibson and Dr. Thomas are certified to provide orthodontic services. Along with traditional bracketing, we do offer the clear alternative of Invisalign.
Do you have oral sedation?
We have found that our patients are very comfortable during treatment. We provide local anesthetic and nitrous oxide, if needed. We also provide TVs for your enjoyment and you are welcome to bring in a headset with music to relax you.
Will you take my insurance?
We are happy to submit to any insurance for reimbursement. We belong to PPO networks and can help you determine what your benefit coverage will be in our office.
Why doesn’t my insurance cover that 100%?
Dental insurance is a money benefit usually provided by an employer to help their employees pay for a routine dental treatment. Most benefit plans are only designed to cover a portion of the total cost. If a plan states it will cover at 100%, that usually means it will pay 100% of the allowed fee that the insurance carrier determines for their plan, not the fee that is actually charged by the dentist, leaving a portion for the patient to pay.

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