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Dentist Office near Watertown, Wisconsin
What dental services do you offer at your dentist office in Watertown, Wisconsin?
From dental cleanings to fillings for cavities to straightening your teeth, Area Dental Clinic dentists Dr. Gibson and Dr. Thomas are committed to offering you and your family a full range of quality dental and orthodontic services during flexible office hours that fit your schedule. From the youngest to the most experienced member of your family, our dentists have the experience, knowledge and comfortable atmosphere to put every member of your household at ease, and are conveniently located near you in Watertown, Wisconsin. Whatever dental or orthodontic procedure you need, our dentists can do:
Watertown Dental Services
• Regular dental cleanings
• Full dental exam
• Dental x-rays
• Oral surgery
• Teeth whitening
• Root canal
• Fillings
• Crowns and caps
• Diagnosis and treatment of cavities
• Treatment for gum disease (periodontal disease) and gingivitis
• Root planing and scaling
• Periodontal maintenance for periodontal disease
• Orthodontic services for kids and adults

If you have any questions about your dental health, dental cleanings, regular dental exams or any other services our dentists offer, contact us. For directions to our dentist office in Watertown, Wisconsin, visit our contact us page for a map and directions. We’re here to help you get quality dental care with flexible office hours and a convenient dentist office near you in Watertown, Wisconsin.
What kind of dental cleaning do I need?
Every Watertown patient needs to know what kind of dental cleaning is best for their oral health, because regular exams and dental cleanings are an essential part of keeping your mouth healthy and preventing the progression of serious dental conditions. The best way to find out the answer your question is to schedule an appointment with Area Dental Clinic dentists Dr. Gibson or Dr. Thomas. After a full regular dental exam and x-rays at our dentist office to determine if you show any signs of gingivitis, gum disease or bone loss, the dentists may recommend any of three kinds of dental cleanings:

• Regular preventative dental cleaning. A regular dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, is commonly recommended by dentists for patients who are not exhibiting any signs of gingivitis, gum disease or bone loss. Usually, your dental benefits cover bi-annual regular dental cleanings and regular exams to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent conditions such as cavities and tooth decay.

• Root planing and scaling. The next level of dental cleaning cleans your teeth even below the gum line. Root planing and scaling cleans your mouth down to the roots, and is typically used as a first effort to treat bone and gum disease. During root planing and scaling, plaque, tarter, bacteria and diseased deposits are removed from the patient’s mouth.

• Periodontal maintenance. This term refers to a series of deep dental cleanings and dental therapies used to keep your periodontal disease in check. These visits are scheduled as often as every three months, giving you and your dentist the opportunity to discuss the progression of your periodontal disease, clean out any bacteria, tarter or plaque, and keep the symptoms of your gum disease at bay. Keeping your periodontal maintenance appointments is essential to prevent tooth loss, sustain bone structure, remove diseased tissue and maintain the health of your gums.
More Dental Services in Watertown, Wisconsin:

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