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Which dental clinic near Watertown, Wisconsin is an Invisalign provider?
You try to look your very best with a confident and vibrant smile---without worrying that everyone is starting at your crooked and stained teeth or feeling self conscious about your crossbite, overbite, or underbite. The solution? Dental services that straighten your teeth, fix those alignment issues and whiten your teeth---without compromising the health of your mouth. Best yet, you can get those services at Area Dental Clinic, located conveniently near you in Watertown, Wisconsin.
What dental clinic near Watertown, Wisconsin is an Invisalign provider? How can Invisalign custom aligners straighten my teeth?
Both Area Dental Clinic dentists, Dr. Gibson and Dr. Thomas, are certified to provide orthodontic services to adults and kids, including Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear braces product that straightens your teeth and corrects alignment issues just like traditional braces but with a few advantages. As an Invisalign provider, Dr. Gibson and Dr. Thomas can offer their patients in Watertown, Wisconsin all the perks of Invisalign custom aligners:

• Discreetly and effectively corrects alignment issues and straightens your teeth

• Works for a variety of issues including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite

• Doesn’t irritate gums with metal brackets

• Requires visits with your dentist every six weeks, instead of monthly dentist visits

• You can eat whatever you want when Invisalign customer aligners are in your mouth

• Allows you to continue your normal brushing and flossing habits

If you have any questions about Invisalign custom aligners, schedule an appointment at your local Invisalign provider, Area Dental Clinic in Watertown. At the consultation, Dr. Gibson or Dr. Thomas reviews images of your mouth and will discuss the Invisalign custom aligners and process that will work to straighten your teeth or correct your alignment issues.
How can I make sure my teeth look their best? What’s the best way to whiten my teeth?
The amount of teeth whiteners on the market right now is staggering, and the amount of misinformation with those teeth whiteners even more amazing. Don’t let on those so-called “experts” take advantage of you just because you want to whiten your teeth and look your best. One of the best teeth whiteners (and safest) on the market is just a short drive from Watertown, Wisconsin at Area Dental Clinic in Watertown.

White Forever is an in-home teeth whitener system that can give you that bright and vibrant smile you’ve always dreamed of. White Forever is a cost-effective teeth whitener that works for people with a healthy mouth, and meet these eligibility requirements:

• New patients with a new patient exam, full mouth x-rays and cleaning

• Existing patients who come in for regular exams

White Forever is a continuous in-house whitening system. If you meet these criteria and want to whiten your teeth, you receive custom made whitening trays for both your upper and lower teeth and a two-week supply of whitening gel. When you maintain a healthy mouth, have all treatment completed and return for your regular six month cleanings and exams, you receive two tubes of touch-up whitening gel that continue to whiten your teeth so you’ll always have that beautiful, white smile. And if you have any questions about White Forever, Area Dental Clinic staff members are not that far from Watertown, Wisconsin if you want to ask in-person, or you can easily contact us via our website or phone.
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